Most of the current complaints about alternative energy revolve around the lack of a way to store energy when production (wind. solar, water) is low.

Batteries now tend to be fairly expensive, but more importantly, are detrimental to the environment. They are made using chemical processes that produce toxic chemical waste. The search for a better battery continues:

Is there a practical solid state battery that works?

…Imagine a castle with a moat. In this castle you are going to put a lot of prisoners (electrical energy), so you have two drawbridges leading in and out. Although here the drawbridges tilt up towards the outside because you don’t want the prisoners to be able to lower them and get out. One is very wide and it is used to bring prisoners in, a lot at one time. The other is narrow and this is to release the prisoners but only in a very controlled way to do some work.

Ionmere Technologies is currently testing a patent pending non-chemical electrical cell, a battery made of stable environmentally sustainable materials with a quick charging time and long life.

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

– Nikola Tesla